Type 2 Collagen For Arthritis & Joint Pain (UC-II): An Overlooked Intervention

Beginning in late February 2017, I noticed some numbness in my right index finger along with uncontrolled twitching.  At the time, I figured it was likely from excessive computer use, in particular, frequently clicking the mouse.  Though the numbness and twitching abated, I went on to develop pain in the back of the same hand […] Read More

My Most Productive Daily Routine

The primary purpose of writing this article is to serve as a permanent self-reminder of my most productive daily routine (to present date).  With this routine, I was able to simultaneously increase my physical strength, bolster my psychological resilience, and dramatically ramp up my income (from nothing to 5-figures per month).  What’s more, this routine […] Read More

Cap’n Crunch Berries Cereal: Oops All Green Poop (WTF!!!)

Let me preface this article by saying that I am a fan of Cap’n Crunch Berries: Oops All Berries… Learning About Crunch Berries & Green Poop… Although I rarely eat cereal anymore, back in December 2012, I decided to go grocery shopping with my cousin (who I lived with at the time).  Upon browsing the cereal […] Read More