NFL RedZone For Roku: Why Isn’t There An App?

Lately I've been thinking... I hate commercials and can't stand sitting (oxymoron) through a boring NFL game.  Last week there were a couple of decent games, but there are spurts of the game where literally nothing happens, someone gets injured, timeout is called, or someone drinking water and the announcers foaming at the mouth.  Plays flash […] Read More

Becoming An Early Riser at 5:55 AM (Productivity Hack)

For the past year or two, I have gradually become an unconscious drone.  I wake up in the morning, try to scramble sh*t together for the day, and end up getting barely anything done.  Recently I was listening to a podcast or reading something about becoming an early riser and how most of the top […] Read More

Blogging: Each Article You Write Is Like Planting a Seed.

When you write an article and publish it online, each piece of content that you add to the internet is like planting a seed for your website.  As long as you keep taking care of your website and posting more content, the seed has no choice but to sprout and eventually grow.  I think that […] Read More

How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make Money From A Blog?

A common question that noobs have is how much traffic do you need to make money from a blog?  The answer is that it totally depends on the niche.  If we are talking "quit-your-job" type money, you will need a f*ck ton of traffic.  In all estimations, if you want to earn about $5K per […] Read More

What Happened To Grizzly From “Make Money Online For Beginners”?

Back in the hay day, there used to be a dope site called or something similar and eventually the site  This was obviously keyword targeted and ended up ranking pretty high in the search engines for it's targeted keyword "make money online."  Not only did Grizz provide the people with a ton of […] Read More

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