Took Acetyl L Carnitine (500 mg): Tweaking with Too Much Energy

I've had Acetyl L Carnitine chillin in my kitchen cabinet for awhile... My bro actually recommended that I try it awhile back along with MCT Oil (I take Dave Asprey's "Brain Octane Oil" to get 100% C:8 MCTs).  I don't take MCT Oil daily, and didn't take it with Acetyl L Carnitine today.  I just got […] Read More

NFL RedZone For Roku: Why Isn’t There An App?

Lately I've been thinking... I hate commercials and can't stomach sitting through a boring NFL game.  Last week there were a couple of decent games, but there are spurts of the game where literally nothing happens, someone gets injured, you see a timeout, or someone drinking water and the announcers foaming at the mouth.  Plays […] Read More

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