Better Search Replace Plugin Error (Processing Request & Max Page Size)

This past weekend when I converted a website from HTTP to HTTPS, I utilized the “Better Search Replace” plugin to ensure that all of my internal links and database links were replaced to reflect the new HTTPS website URL.  While using the plugin, I encountered an error message that read as follows: “An error occurred […] Read More

Converting Your Website From HTTP to HTTPS (A Very Simple Guide)

This past weekend I finally got around to converting one of my fairly large websites (over 600 pages) from HTTP to HTTPS.  I’d been postponing the conversion for over a year due to nerve damage in my hands and forearms that prevented me from doing basic tasks like using a phone or computer.  Now that […] Read More

Top Rap Songs of January 2018 (Latest Releases)

Because the month is over, it’s time for me to reflect upon my favorite rap and hip-hop releases for January 2018.  If you’re new to my website, you should know that each month I scour the internet (and various YouTube channels) to find the latest rap releases.  Thereafter, I document all of the rap releases […] Read More

Fasted Cardio Benefits vs. Fed Cardio

What is fasted cardio? Fasted cardio refers to performing cardiovascular exercise while in a fasted state.  Fasted cardio differs from fed cardio in that the body burns fat stores for energy instead of glycogen stores. Fasted Cardio Benefits (Possibilities) After reviewing the available research in which the physiologic effects of fasted cardio were documented, I’ve […] Read More

Creatine for Brain & Cognitive Enhancement: A Nootropic Supplement?

When I first started lifting weights, the two marquee supplements being pimped out by every website, fitness YouTuber, and personal trainer at gyms included: whey protein and creatine monohydrate.  Because I ate plenty of protein and knew that creatine could be attained via my diet – I abstained from purchasing either of the aforementioned supplements.  […] Read More

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